Decision-making: Leaders choosing wisely or choosing foolishly

From determining work-from-home policies to mandated employee vaccinations, today’s leaders are being faced with decisions like never before. It’s fair to say when it comes to making a lot of these decisions, there’s no standard operational procedure, and the consequences of making the wrong decisions could be disastrous. And, at times many leaders may feel there isn’t anyone to turn to for advice. What to do?

To help answer this, a Collective Intelligence senior consultant has just the answer.

“I am delighted to share that Collective Intelligence’s senior consultant, Peter Webb, has launched his new book, System 3 Thinking, helping leaders to gain knowledge of their decision-making process as a prelude to improving their capability to making more effective decisions,” says Michael Schiffner, Managing Director, Collective Intelligence.

“On behalf of the Collective Intelligence team, I congratulate and thank Peter for this timely resource.

“Living in a society that too often rewards speed over considered response, the stakes for wise decision-makers are higher than ever. System 3 Thinking serves as an important circuit breaker to help us slow down, step back and give some space between stimulus and response.”

Peter says, “The choices we make in life are important. We need to be prepared for the changes that are swirling all around us.”

Peter’s System 3 Thinking show us there is a way of thinking that extends beyond the two systems as originally determined by Daniel Kahneman: System 1 (intuition and experience); and system 2 (reason and logic). Here, Webb outlines there is a third system that consists of six distinct dimensions.

In System 3 Thinking, Peter invites readers to take the T3 profile assessment and learn how to use and enhance system 3 thinking in their own decision-making. Webb also takes readers through the WISE Framework, a practical tool for working with system 3 thinking when the standard decision-making models don’t fit.

“At a personal level, you can’t control what happens to you in life, but you can control your thinking, what you believe, what your values are, and what choices you make,” says Peter.

“We invite leaders to learn more about Peter’s System 3 Thinking and to consider how having insight into your decision-making process can improve your ability to make the most effective decisions, ” says Michael.

Peter Webb is an organisational and integrative psychologist as well as a recognised thought leader in executive coaching with multiple publications and more than 5,000 hours of global coaching experience. He is internationally known for his research and practice in helping leaders make wise decisions under conditions of disruption and complexity. Meet Peter via this 1-minute video.

Contact Collective Intelligence to learn more about how Peter can support you and your team to enhance your System 3 Thinking to avoid the biases and logical fallacies which polarise opinions and viewpoints. Peter is available for Keynote speaking engagements, workshops, and comprehensive programs.

System 3 Thinking may be purchased here.