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Business Development

Most professionals don’t become lawyers, accountants or engineers to sell; yet at some point in their career they are required to help win work as part of their role and the success of the business. We specialise in helping non-salespeople develop strong business development habits in order to grow a thriving practice.

Our proprietary approach offers professionals a way to win work without being salespeople. Relationships are the lifeblood of business, whether it’s creating new ones or expanding existing relationships we are here to help you to do so with greater confidence and effectiveness.

Our coaching-based approach supports professionals to authentically improve their relationships from first coffee to trusted partner, and everything in between, ultimately embedding high performance business development habits that make it more enjoyable to grow a practice.

Additional services include:

  • Pursuit Coaching
  • BD Strategy Planning
  • Pitch Development and Coaching

BD Accelerator Program©

The BD Accelerator Program© is a 6-12 month journey to accelerate revenue growth for the firm. It is a blend of group and individual business development coaching that features micro learning sessions designed to accelerate participants’ ability to confidently cultivate real relationships; from a coffee chat to a commercial engagement.

The program’s intent is to provide a constructive learning forum for participants to learn, share and practice applying new business development frameworks and methodologies in a safe, risk free environment. Each participant documents his or her development aspirations and sets specific, realistic stretch goals to achieve over the program period. Over time, these new skills eventually become high performing business development habits that win work more effectively.

Session topics include:

  • The Trusted Advisor mindset
  • Crafting a BD strategy
  • Building relationship capital
  • Sourcing and qualifying BD opportunities
  • Preparation for BD Meetings
  • Structuring BD conversations
  • Proposal pitfalls
  • Effective storytelling

BD Catalyst Program©

The BD Catalyst Program© provides clients with access to our Collective Intelligence team on a retainer basis. There is always room for improvement and for most clients even a small improvement in performance can be worth thousands in additional fees. Team are often guessing or making assumptions when responding to RFP’s, which makes it difficult to nail the client value proposition and win in a competitive environment.

Think of us as your secret weapon. The BD Catalyst Program© gives you and your firm a competitive advantage, so you can punch well above your weight to advance and close business with the expert advice of the Collective Intelligence team.

Services include:

  • BD Strategy Planning
  • Pitch and Narrative Coaching
  • Avoiding RFP and proposal Pitfalls
  • Pursuit Coaching for Strategic Account
Business Research

Client Culture Program©

To genuinely improve service delivery to your clients, it is essential to objectively seek client feedback to measure and benchmark performance to truly understand the clients experience, their expectations and future business needs. It helps you understand how your clients see your performance against your brand, values and vision, which informs leadership, investment and strategy.

The Client Culture Program© provides you with candid feedback directly from your clients via thoughtful surveys or highly skilled client-centric interviews led by a Collective Intelligence expert. We typically get more meaningful feedback as an external party because clients are often reluctant to tell you directly how they really feel.

We will identify clear actions to undertake, business development opportunities to pursue and equally important, will coach and support your people in establishing an action plan.

Benefits of the Client Culture Program©

  • Demonstrates you care
  • Deepens relationship with key stakeholders
  • Differentiates your firm and positions you for upcoming panels and RFPs
  • Uncovers business development opportunities

Executive Coaching

We know that positive habits drive positive outcomes. We also know that being fed information does not change behaviour, which is why clients are often disappointed with previous training outcomes. For this reason (and many more), we use a coaching-based approach to help professionals build high performance habits.

Through personalised coaching, we steward business leaders to consciously co-create authentic relationships as they explore and integrate a more evolved version of themselves. With greater awareness come achievements that are in alignment with their personal integrity and values.


  • Provides leaders with a safe space to explore unchartered territory,
  • Allows leaders to ask meaningful questions of themselves, to be heard and synthesise ideas,
  • Offers access to leadership assessment tools that identify ‘blind spots’ and opportunities for leadership development.

Facilitation & Keynote Speaking

From facilitating a session at your conference to overall facilitation of your professional gathering and sharing a Key Note speech, Collective Intelligence speaks to CEOs, corporate groups, business leaders, and professional services organisations across Australia and Asia.

We facilitate and communicate on topics that are meaningful for your group in a down to earth, relatable manner. And, we’ll work alongside you to co-create communications that are relevant and immediately applicable.

Popular topics include:

  • The Mindset of a Professional Services Rainmaker
  • Secrets to Building High Performing Teams
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations
  • The Art of Influence
  • Mindfulness for Professionals