Meet our Team

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. (Aristotle)

Collective Intelligence is the wisdom that comes from a group’s shared intelligence that ultimately emerges from the collaboration of many individuals. With synergistic areas of expertise, the individuals who together make up the Collective that is Collective Intelligence are united in one common goal: to support your people in creating and sustaining high performance habits.

Michael Schiffner

Managing Director

Michael is a highly sought-after executive coach with a deserved reputation as a trusted advisor to managing directors and c-suite executives. A former Associate Director with KPMG Australia, he influenced more than $12 million of additional revenues as the National Business Development Coach. He specialises in helping rainmakers make more rain.

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Angela Smith

Senior Associate

Through her Mind Your Mojo© offerings, Angela guides professionals to foster positive self-care habits to counter ‘under recovery’ and the negative impacts of high stress environments. Her programs emphasise how positive resilience habits can become hard wired into the brain over time to sustain high performance states.

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Scott Stacey

Senior Associate

An experienced business leader and Executive Coach, Scott draws on an internationally successful business career that spans more than 30 years. Having started his career as a chartered accountant, Scott has firsthand experience of the challenges professionals face when trying to build a practice.

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Kammeron (Kamm) Cran

Senior Associate

Known for her humanistic style and ability to quickly build rapport, Kamm’s trademark has been her capacity to enable leaders and teams to make important shifts in the way they work, directly impacting performance, engagement, and outcomes.

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Peter Singer

Senior Associate

Peter is an insightful mediation and negotiation advisor. Peter routinely stewards CEOs, legal professionals, and corporate executives through business deadlocks. Peter is called in to help negotiate tough business deals, mediate sensitive, highly emotive conflict and develop clear communiqués to persuade decision makers.

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Margo Lockhart

Senior Associate

Margo is a rare individual who possesses in equal measure a vast depth of experience, warmth of character and skill in executive engagement. A combination which makes her a powerful catalyst for the senior leaders she works with.

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Peter Webb

Senior Associate

Peter Webb is a recognised thought leader in executive coaching with multiple publications and over 5,000 hours of global coaching experience. He is internationally known for his research and practice in helping leaders make wise decisions under conditions of disruption and complexity.

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Bruce Politis

Senior Associate

Bruce helps professionals grow their practice by bringing to life the moto: “the more we help clients succeed, the more we succeed”. Bruce supports clients with the inner work of exploring and considering multiple perspectives.

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Wendy Parker

Public Relations

Wendy is a public relations guru and thought leadership specialist who helps CEOs and subject matter experts position themselves as powerful authorities in their field. With over 20 years’ of industry experience, Wendy helps professionals grow their social media presence and communicate their expertise more powerfully.

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