4 Key Reasons for Business Development

To be fair, there are probably several more reasons that could be added to this list, but for now, we’d like to share four key reasons why we believe Business Development Coaching is superior to Business Development Training.

In a previous blog, we outlined why business development training for professionals on its own generally doesn’t result in the sustained behaviour change that’s required to successfully conduct business development activities. In a nutshell, training on its own will not change the underlying behaviour of professionals.

Business development coaching for professionals on the other hand is a different story. It has proven to be a highly effective methodology to change the behaviour of professionals over time because it addresses four key aspects of habit formation:

  1. BD Mindset

BD coaching supports professionals to make a constructive mindset shift to adopt a healthy attitude towards business development without compromising on their values or integrity.

  1. BD Behaviours

Developing or changing any behaviour takes time. BD coaching provides ongoing, real-time feedback that supports professionals to develop strong business development behaviours over a series of months.

  1. BD Routine

For many professionals, business development is simply not part of their daily routine. Monthly BD coaching encourages professionals to make business development part of their daily routine; BD training simply lacks accountability.

  1. BD Stretch

Like most people, many professionals are unlikely to stretch themselves outside their comfort zone. Monthly BD coaching constructively challenges professionals to go beyond what they would otherwise do, left to their own devices. Being safely stretched by a BD coach goes a long way toward a professional developing good BD habits.

Business development coaching for professionals is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ and is now a business imperative for any professional services firm that is serious about growing and thriving in a rapidly changing world.